April 30, 2020 - Michael Salinger

What we’re doing while we stay at home…

Well – our spring was cancelled. We will sorely miss all the places and faces we were looking forward to seeing. But, as we stay home as we try to flatten the curve Sara and I are not resting.

We’re busy at work making face masks . Sara performed an autopsy on a mask we bought in Vietnam and reverse engineered it and we are in the mask business. We’re cranking these out and have made sold and given away over 700!


But of course we do not plan on a switch of careers – we are also working on a new teacher resource with an eye toward our English language users, our strivers and our home schoolers and virtual classrooms. To that end we are going to be launching a new venture in the Fall.

Let’s just say now that it combines poetry, prose, public speaking, state standards, literacy and comprehension. To whit, we are gathering advice, guidance and inspiration from some pretty great folks in the edu biz.

Here is  a series of videos we recorded during a zoom meeting/interview with Dr. Tim Rasinski and Melissa Cheesman Smith centered around the fostering of fluency via poetry reading and performing. This synchs with one of the five components we are meshing in this new curriculum supplement we’re launching this Fall.

Scope them out there are five of them around 6 minutes long) The last one highlights Melissa walking us through introducing a new poem to her first grade student Jackson. Meanwhile – flatten the curve – stay safe and look out for others.





And Melissa’s lesson:

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