Students Write

jis004Samples sent to us from students who have participated in one or more of our writing clinic workshops.


American International School of Johannesburg

Refrain poem

Not Again

Finally I arrive to a land of opportunities

Always ready for action like a snake ready to strike its venom on my


Can’t stop thinking of the work done in minutes


refrain poem by Tsholo grade 7 AISJ

Which I could have spent just chilling

At home eating popcorn, but I’m at my


Extra, Extra-mural activities after my periods

And math solving all expressions at my


Getting used to the syllabus

Five days before the bus,

But Oh man!!

Still I have work to do, so it’s time to


by Tsholo – Grade 7


Refrain poems created from biographical research of famous people.

International School of Lusaka

Prepositional Phrase Poems

The man is scared

isl001.jpgIn the middle of nowhere

Among dark clouds

Through an angry mist

On shaking ground

Upon a baby’s sandals

Without a sword or horse

With sweat on his face

Like a fly in a trap

Underneath a heavy helmet

Beyond Rome he travels

Although he is a great soldier

The man is scared.

By Nangamika grade 4


The Violin

Under the bright light

Near the long bow

Beside the confused boy

On the wide wooden table

In the black velvet case

The lovely violin sits

By Ella grade 4


The Afternoon Ride

Under the hot sun

By the moving stampede

In the quiet grassland

During the early morning

Beyond the open gate

They rode through the afternoon

By Kayula grade 4



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