March 18, 2016 - Michael Salinger

British International School Budapest

bisb003The S in Budapest is pronounced like “SH” but the fact that the British International School here is loaded with great students and teachers should not be a secret.

Sara and I had a wonderful three day whirlwind of a visit here at the invitation of the primary head Kari and her early years teacher husband Hob – who we met a couple years back while working in Zimbabwe.

Since our visit was a bit abbreviated we focused on the younger guys and gals – the early years (pre-school) through year six (the equivalent of grade 5 in the states.) We started with a couple of assemblies with the kids stacked up like books on library shelves. We marched in place, played our bellies, spied on bats and dissected a bicycle. All the time highlighting the good communication skills that a poetic mindset instills such as being precise and concise, making comparisons and contrasts and revision.


It was an exciting three days and the students engagement was matched by the teachers who after a full day of teaching stayed after school for a PD session with us. I am always impressed with the dedication of the educators we come across in our work and their eagerness to seek out new classroom strategies. Lifelong learning being modeled by lifelong learners.


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