February 16, 2016 - Michael Salinger

American International School of Lusaka – Zambia


Sometimes we get extra lucky when we visit a school. Our second trip to the American International School of Lusaka in Zambia is one of those occasions. Instead of just finding another great international school (which we did) we were adopted. Not our methods and lessons – they were liked fine – but ourselves our persons were welcomed into the family that is AISL.

Kathleen – Dana – Heather – Tom – Frank – Pete – Russ – Cephus – Joseph and the whole crew there invited us into their homes, classrooms, vehicles and their hearts. This trip to Africa has been – as my old friend Dr. Seif would say “Magical!”


Classroom visits – great, Teacher buy in – great, Student engagement – great.

I can’t think of another school who has welcomed us so warmly.


Oh, there is one more person who we would be more than remiss by failing to mention – Terry the upper school librarian. This lady is the absolute bomb! She worked her butt off to get us here – arranged for and coordinated the rest of the schools on this visit – fed, watered, consoled, cajoled, and mother-henned these two crackpot poets from Cleveland, Ohio with grace and humor above and beyond any sensible call of duty.

Thank you thank you thank you Terry and the whole crew at AISL!


‘Til we meet again.

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