September 5, 2019 - Michael Salinger

Hilliard Heritage Middle School

Why You Matter.


That was the theme of the day when Sara and I visited Heritage Middle School as our first school visit of the season.

This 7th and 8th grade building had a multi-faceted approach to invite the students to explore what made each of them unique and important. They invited Sara and me to do a couple assemblies for each grade, focusing on voice and agency.


After our assemblies we were invited to sit in on workshops that the students were cycling through during the rest of their day. These workshops included writing to explore what made each student unique, important and ultimately a person who mattered – a workshop exploring the social emotional aspects of self-image and the outside image we project to the world at large – then there were two workshops on representing these ideas through imagery both digital and in the art room.


Sara and I felt privileged to be a small part of this important program.  It was obvious a whole lot of work and thought had gone into planning the day. Extra special thanks to MaryAnn and Beth for making us feel right at home and that we mattered.


What a perfect beginning to a new school year for us – thank you Heritage Middle for including a couple of crackpot poets to kick off such an exciting day.


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