April 26, 2019 - Michael Salinger

Singapore American School

It’s like New York City dipped in bleach.


That’s how I describe Singapore when I am asked. Sara and I have a deep fondness and admiration for the city and the school there where we have spent so much time.


Singapore American School truly is one of the elite educational institutions on the planet and we have been privileged to work side by side with their staff and students on numerable occasions.

A whole lot of our lessons have been developed in the classrooms here. A big reason for our continued partnership with this school is our relationship with the teachers. We have truly found a kindred spirit of inquiry and communication with the educators at SAS.


At the very top of this list are two folks who we also consider dear friends as well has cohorts. Scott Riley and Nancy Johnson. Scott is an instructional coach at the school and Nancy is an education professor at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington.

The special thing about Dr. Nancy is – while working as a professor at her university, specializing in kid lit for students on their way to becoming teachers -= she stepped out of the university and into an 8th grade classroom at SAS. Nancy didn’t just talk the talk – she slipped on some sensible shoes and walked the walk. While there she invited Sara and me to work with the middle school for the first time. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.


A decade or so and a half dozen visits or so later Dr. Nancy is set to retire and appropriately Scott and the rest of the crew at SAS decided to throw her a party. Well, we couldn’t miss that and Scott made sure we were able to come by inviting us to work with the elementary school and our old friend Kate the librarian there to offset our costs.

Needless to say – we loved our visit – loved the classes – and especially loved our time with the Riley’s, Dr. Nancy and all our friends at SAS.

Special shout out to the proprietor of Chez Betsy – for the first-class lodging!

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