October 16, 2018 - Michael Salinger

Abu Dhabi Community School


Nothing wrong with a little flossing before the assembly begins.

Abu Dhabi Doo!

It’s been nine years since our last visit to Abu Dhabi Community school and while we encountered some new faces we also ran into some old friends.


Nine years apart.

This young lady had her picture taken with Sara back in 2009 and again this visit.

Thank you to Mary and Julie – librarians extraordinaire for shuttling us from class to class – feeding and watering and generally treating us like returning dignitaries. Their commitment and hospitality were tops.

ACS003We worked with the elementary and middle schoolers on this jaunt. Middle school was on a block schedule – that is our favorite – it gives us ample time to get through several versions of whatever writing we are working on. Sara and I never write a rough draft – we think a rough draft and then jumping to a final draft is a bit too daunting and overly optimistic.


Mary and Julie took great care of these two crackpot poets.

We prefer versions – in order to get from version one to version two – read what you’ve written closely – tighten up this add a comma there and voila version two – go over it again – add a detail rewrite your lead – boom version three! Read it again – move that comma – POW version four.  We label our pieces version one when we start in with the intention that we are going to be going back in adding detail and tightening things up.


Sara keeps the carpet crawlers captivated.

Sara So technically – our visit 9 years ago – was our version one! We certainly hope our version two showed a bit of improvement on our parts and we can’t wait for version three!

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