March 30, 2018 - Michael Salinger

Anglo American School of St. Petersburg

They say good things come in small packages.


While banners may not have been Melissa’s self admitted strong point – her attention to detail and hospitality were masterpieces.

The Anglo-American School of St. Petersburg may not be as big in size and student body as their cousin in Moscow but they certainly don’t lack in enthusiasm or hospitality. School librarian Melissa takes care of the whole shebang grades k thru 12. She also took care of two itinerant train riding poets in chilly St. Petersburg.


Melissa, Sara and Melissa’s Russian/English speaking poodle.

We roamed the city a bit with her braced against the cold as we crossed bridge after bridge in the city Peter the Great based on Amsterdam. We picked up her bilingual poodle, deposited it for a play date with another teacher from the school and then we ate way too much Georgian food. Afterwards we and our full bellies were tucked into our cozy hotel.


Here we scientifically show the effect of a poetry assembly – on top BEFORE below AFTER. The data is conclusive.

Sara and I only had a single day to work with the teachers and students at AASSP so we hit the ground running. School principal Harry H. collected us after breakfast – gave us a quick tour of his campus, caffeinated us (another international school with a barista) and we were ready for an assembly with elementary folks. I think the pictures show how successful it was.


Finding poetry in the novels we are studying.

After the assembly Sara and I each lead three writing workshops with students from first to 6th grade. Did I forget to mention that it was pajama day? The kids and staff were certainly as comfortably dressed as they were comfortable with jumping in and trying out some writing frameworks.


PJ and Poetry Day!

Then as quick as it began we were packing for Romania. St. Petersburg did it really happen or was that wonderful Indian dinner where we got to see Harry eat lamb vindaloo that set his eyes aglow just a dream?


Like a mirage the coach appeared outside of the Hermitage.

Dream or not – short but sweet – a good thing in a small package – St. Pete, we would definitely repeat.

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