February 4, 2018 - Michael Salinger

Eastern Middle School – Greenwich, CT

We flipped the calendar on this one.


Eastern Middle has been our traditional last visit of the school year school for a half-dozen years or so – but logistics did not favor us this year. We will be ending our year in Indonesia. So Eastern graciously bumped our usual visit up by five months or so!

Not only did we come earlier – we stayed longer adding two days this year so we got to work with Bridget Suvansri (last year’s Teacher of the Year) and the rest of the sixth grade Language Arts crew a little more in-depth.


The weather was a bit chillier than our usual late May visit.

Not only did we work on multiple Writing Frameworks we had time to practice our public speaking skills and to have a little sharing time to boot.

We love coming to Eastern and consider ourselves honorary Gators – we show up wave to the office folks and head to the teacher lounge to store our lunches in the refrigerator. It really is a homecoming of sorts.


Working out our PIPES!

What can I say about this place that I haven’t before? Great kids, great teachers, great administrators.  If there were anything I would put on my wish list it would be longer class periods so we had even more time with them.

One of the things I like best of this school is its inclusivity  (I know, I made up the word) – students of all natural abilities are welcome and nurtured and grow because of the straight up love the teachers show for every kid.


Extending our metaphors.

Thank you Eastern – we WILL be back.

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