Students Speak and Listen Performance builds lifelong communication skills as students practice speaking with confidence and conviction. Strategies to scaffold into conquering that number one fear. Outspoken-logo-1 fun school visits - slideshow pic School Visits, Workshops and Professional Development We team with teachers and administrators to adapt and implement effective and creative approaches to comprehensive literacy. Reading, writing and speaking in every subject and every lesson. Outspoken-logo-1 kids collaborating on a project - slideshow pic Students Collaborate Students revisit text, gather facts and prioritize information as they synthesize, summarize and prioritize ideas providing over the shoulder formative assessment opportunities while developing a culture of civil conversation. Outspoken-logo-1 students developing creative writing - slideshow pics Writing is Thinking Writing frameworks teach essential writing elements while also addressing content area subject matter. You don't have to skip science or art to teach reading, writing and speaking. These frameworks support all genre composition. Outspoken-logo-1 students performing their written work - slideshow pic Engage all Students! Effective strategies to model the writing process for students of all abilities with guided choice and co-created mentor texts. Beginning with Version 1, revision is an anticipated part of composition instead of a chore. We believe draft is a verb. Outspoken-logo-1

Proven steps to reading, writing and oral proficiency for English learners. This curriculum supplement helps teachers teach EL and striving students in grades 1-8.

Strategies That Jump-Start Writing. Renowned writing strategy duo Michael Salinger and Sara Holbrook team with comprehension guru Stephanie Harvey with this innovative tool that targets reading, writing and speaking standards. 

This offbeat poetry book for middle grades and up grooves along with the funky artwork of Cleveland underground artist Scott Pickering. Buy your copies now and support literacy, art and fun!

Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger

Outspoken Literacy Consultants

Author/Educators Sara Holbrook and Michael Salinger visit schools worldwide providing author visits, professional development and classroom workshops in writing, comprehension strategies, and public speaking for students K-12.

High-energy performance poets, Sara and Michael are frequent presenters at schools and conferences in the United States and over 50 countries. They provide lively, interactive assemblies, spirited classroom experiences, and engaging PD.

“We can show you writing framework strategies that will help make your students’ learning more visible.” – Michael Salinger

“Our collaborative snapshot writing lessons help kids question, synthesize, summarize and evidence learning. Strivers become thrivers.” – Sara Holbrook

All kids, all subject areas.

Sara and Michael

creativity . collaboration . engagement .

Our Writing Strategies

foster engagement • build literacy skills • expand vocabulary • deepen understanding • encourage close reading • make learning visible

Our Public Speaking Strategies

scaffold public speaking • build confidence • create community • combat stage fright • encourage collaboration • support risk taking • make learning visible

Our Team

We are sought-out award-winning performers and authors of many books for children – both story and textbooks. We captivate students – and educators!


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OH – IO! Sara and I try to make the Ohio Council of Teachers of English language Arts (OCTELA) whenever we can. We’ve probably attended a just under a dozen...

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November 12, 2020

Write to Learn Virtual Conference 

Session 1 of 3 @7-8pm CST


November 13 – 14, 20 

Sunshine State Tesol Virtual Conference



November 19, 2020

Write to Learn Virtual Conference 

Session 2 of 3 @7-8pm CST


December 3, 2020

Write to Learn Virtual Conference 

Session 3 of 3 @7-8pm CST


“Sara and Michael bring infectious energy and joy leavened with deep knowledge of best practices in literacy to their work with children and teachers.” Ellin Keene – Author of Mosaic of Thought and The Teacher You Want to Be
“Sara and Michael bring magic, and a contagious love of words to both students and teachers alike!” Georgia Heard - Author of Awakening the Heart: Exploring Poetry in Elementary and Middle School More testimonials...